So, today it’s my name day and there’s a tradition in my family that we give each other small gifts. And I asked for “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” DVD.

And I wasn’t expecting receiving FOUR Marvel movies. Like “Mom, dad… what the hell did you do? How am I supposed to focus on school, when I have THIS?”. My sister gave this hella cute mug. Just look at that guitar ^^

Now, I have so many things to watch :)



its funny how lots of people hate mikasa because they think she’s ‘clingy’ and ‘obsessive’ about eren but the two times on the show where she actually trusts eren and leaves him alone are also the times that eren got eaten by a titan and captured by the female titan and also now he got kidnapped because mikasa left his side again clearly theres a reason she does this

To me Captain America is the kind of character that works best when he speaks to everyone. It’s a book you read to be inspired. He’s about what it takes to defend a dream, to keep it from shattering at all costs. Winter Soldier is more about picking the pieces of that dream back up once they’re broken. Re-examining them, in the hopes of finding that belief or hope in a personal way. If Cap is about pulling yourself up by the bootstraps, Bucky is about finding the strength to pull on the boots to begin with.

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